CRAQ Calendar

CRAQ Calendar
SITELLE image of NGC 925 combining deep images obtained with the SN1 (blue), SN2 (green) and SN3 (red) filters, as well as the image of the Halpha line (red). Every edition of the CRAQ calendar features out-of-this-world images such as this! Image created by Damien Beaulieu, Master’s student at Université Laval.

In 1999, a group of astronomy postgraduate students founded this “underground” initiative. Their aim was to capitalize on the opportunity to access the 1.60 m telescope on Mont Mégantic. Their objective went beyond scientific research – they wanted to fulfill the dreams of amateur astronomy photographers by engaging with substantial lenses and, above all, to share their passion for astronomy.

Over time, this group, named the Obscur Projet d’Imagerie de l’Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic (OPIOMM) at the time, has amassed a remarkable collection of stunning images. These images are shared annually with the public through their website’s high-resolution gallery and the Centre for Research on Astrophysics in Quebec (CRAQ)‘s calendars. Despite the passing years and the changing student members, the desire to share these beautiful images has remained unwavering.

A compilation of recent calendars produced by the CRAQ, which have been distributed to hundreds of schools, amateur astronomers, and members of the public, is available online.

Please note that while many images from the OMM are freely accessible, they are not available for commercial use. For any public use, please reach out to us in advance.