UWO Camera

The UWO camera, installed on the walkway in partnership with the University of Western Ontario’s Meteor Physics Group. Credit: Sylvie Beaulieu

The Western Meteor Group at Western University has set up a network of special cameras to capture the bright streaks of meteors. These cameras are like cosmic detectives, helping scientists study the rate at which meteorites enter Earth’s atmosphere. They’re placed at different locations, about 50-100 kilometres apart, so they can record many meteors from different spots. One of these detectives is located at OMM!

These cameras provide valuable data that scientists use to compare with information from other instruments during the same meteor event. It’s like having multiple witnesses to a cosmic event, which helps make their research more accurate. Plus, these cameras can “trigger” other instruments in the network to start recording when a meteor is spotted. This teamwork among instruments and researchers allows us to learn more about the fascinating world of meteors and space. So, tracking meteors is not just fun; it’s an important way to understand our Solar System better!

This is the most recent image taken by the UWO meteor camera. Do you see any signs of meteors?