The dazzling Aurora Borealis transforms the starry night sky over the Mont-Mégantic Observatory, casting a breathtaking display, while the OMM’s partnerships with government agencies, industry, and observatories across the globe create a constellation of collaboration, enhancing the observatory’s reach and impact. Credit: Guillaume Poulin

Despite its modest mirror size, the Mont-Mégantic Observatory (OMM) stands out as one of the world’s most versatile telescopes, thanks to a range of available instruments. These instruments support cutting-edge imaging, spectroscopic, and polarimetric observations in both visible and infrared light. The OMM’s Experimental Astrophysics Laboratory (LAE), with locations in Quebec City and Montreal, holds international recognition for its expertise. The LAE actively collaborates on numerous projects with a wide array of academic, governmental, and industrial partners. These collaborative relationships are essential in advancing the frontiers of astrophysical knowledge and enable OMM’s scientists to contribute to scientific breakthroughs.