Catwalk Cameras

On the observatory’s walkway, you’ll find three sky cameras and a weather station. These cameras play an important role in helping observatory staff and scientists evaluate the summit’s weather conditions. Some of these cameras are set up by our academic collaborators for meteor monitoring purposes. Credit: Sylvie Beaulieu

Dark sky reserves offer pristine views of the night sky and provide a unique opportunity for many types of stargazing and sky observations. The catwalk of the Mont-Mégantic Observatory is equipped with three cameras designed for different purposes. These cameras help with weather monitoring, track the rise and set times of the Sun and Moon, and they’re often used in partnerships with other institutions to monitor sky events like meteors and auroras. If you are curious about what these cameras are seeing, you can visit the linked pages below to check out the images and videos they capture. It is a fantastic way for everyone to experience the wonder of our night sky, even when you cannot visit the reserve in person.

OMM Catwalk Cameras