Visit the Telescope

Night observing events and observatory tours connect members of the public with Québec’s starry skies. Credit: Rémi Boucher

Visiting the Mont-Mégantic Observatory is a memorable experience!

For members of the public interested in visiting the OMM, we suggest checking out the ASTROlab’s website for upcoming tour opportunities. The ASTROLab organises daytime tours between May and October. From July to August, visitors can look directly through the OMM telescope’s eyepiece at night during the Mont-Mégantic Popular Astronomy Festival.

The ASTROlab is a learning space situated within Quebec’s Mont-Mégantic National Park at the base of mountain, and routinely offers guided tours of the Observatory, captivating workshops, and awe-inspiring stargazing sessions. Check out their official website for tour schedules and reservations. Immerse yourself in the Observatory’s exciting facilities, explore exhibits at the visitor centre, and engage with expert astronomers and science communicators. The OMM’s stunning location also provides breathtaking views of the surrounding natural landscapes. Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast or a curious explorer, the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic promises an unforgettable journey into the cosmos, fostering a deeper appreciation for the Universe and the natural world.