Gilles Joncas


Professor Gilles Joncas of the Université Laval is studying each component of the interstellar medium (ionized gas, atomic gas, molecular gas and dust) over a wide range of wavelengths, from the visible to radio. The aim is to obtain a global (integrative) view, so as to obtain an evolutionary scenario for the various objects analysed, and a knowledge of the physical interactions between the different components. Broadly speaking, he and his colleagues are working on :

  1. kinematics of ionized gas, previously with FANTOMM at the OMM;
  2. mapping the temperature and density of this same gas with SPIOMM and, previously, FANTOMM;
  3. the kinematics (global motions and turbulence) of neutral gas (HI) at high Galactic latitudes, using data from the International Galactic Plane Survey (IGPS), the DRAO, VLA and AT, and the Green Bank Telescope
  4. characterisation of the HI medium using statistical and topological tools;
  5. the evolution of dust grains in molecular cloud formation sites, and in molecular clouds with and without star formation, thanks to the SCUBA2 surveys (at the James-Clerk-Maxwell Telescope), HiGAL with the Herschel Space Telescope, and the all-sky survey with the Planck satellite.